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cp …; ./do; Or how go executables are awesome and portable

Today I finally got around to starting up the small webservices that usually run on my main desktop after a short interruption when my first generation SSD had started corrupting data and dropping inodes every time I powercycled the tower.

It took a while to get my OS (arch linux), environment, database (postgresql), message queue server (rabbitmq) and other sundries up and working. I eventually got around to moving my binary and development files over from my old drive. I started my systemd units and everything looked fine until I wanted to visualize the data that was coming in from the sensor I was harvesting.

$ go run srv.go 

I typed, anticipating the visualization suite I’ve been poking at occasionally in a separate project than the harvesting code, which is as close to production as house-level neat code project get. to pop into existance and happily start serving stuff when the...

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Project YAGNI

So I’m working on a personal project and like always I’m struggling with my urge to over-architect the whole project. It’s taken me two weeks to pick a database and stick to it: disk backed Redis then MongoDB then finally PostgreSQL. My discipline is very lacking.

I was ready to write code the moment the idea was in my head but for some reason I just keep seeking tools and libraries for the future that will work perfectly. The problem with that is I’m trying to predict the future needs of my application and that’s a Very Bad Thing. I need to find the simplest thing that works and code that.

My natural instinct when I see a horrible mess of code is to figure out the original intention then rewrite and refactor. Other peoples’ code is an easy target for me to dig into and modify and I enjoy banging my head against things. When I started thinking a bit about this, it came to me that...

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